Irish/American Scholarship Program (BEI)

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The Irish/American Scholarship Program resulted in the University's participation in the Business Education Initiative (BEI). Since the University has hosted students participating in the Initiative since 1995, we have been allowed to send two of our students to study for either a semester or an entire academic year at an institution of higher education in Northern Ireland.  

The Exchange Program offers students FREE TUITION.
Students are also able to use their federal financial aid while on this program.
Students are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing, paying for meals, and arranging for transportation to and from Northern Ireland, as well as other expenses that might be incurred during the experience. Additional information about this program is distributed by the Office of Study Abroad once it is received from the coordinating agency.

Application is made the year prior to studying.  (i.e. if you plan to go abroad Fall 2010 or Spring 2010, you must apply during the Fall 2009 semester)