Culture Shock

Before and After You Arrive
You’re probably anticipating your study abroad with excitement, possibly mixed with some anxiety. If you’re like most students preparing to study abroad, you are focusing on the opportunities, new experiences, and adventures that await you. You’ve probably heard mostly extremely positive feedback from students you know who have recently studied abroad.

In fact, most students who study abroad say it was one of the most positive and enriching aspects of their academic career. By the end of their program most do not want to leave. Almost everyone who reaches this point, however, experienced an initial phase of culture shock. No matter where you travel, you will find marked differences between your host country and your own, and there will be many things you won’t at first understand.

The following links have some great information to help you understand and cope with Culture Shock.

What to Know Before You Go.

Culture Shock 101

Upon Your Return

Visit the Office of Study Abroad upon your return to UIndy.   Leave your new contact information with our office, should the need arise for us to contact you concerning your study abroad credit. You may want to get involved with the Office of Study Abroad by volunteering at the Study Abroad Expo in September or various international Festivals in Indy or getting involved with other organizations in the community to stay on top of international issues and/or to continue honing your language skills.

Welcome Home (to the US )!
This will be a greeting you hear many times over, once you return from your study abroad adventure.
It will be hard returning to your home after being gone for a time. 
As life does, things change.
The following links have some great information to help you understand and cope with Return Culture Shock.

Welcome Back! Now What?

Reverse Culture Shock