On-campus employment guidelines for F-1 students

On-campus employment is considered a “benefit” of F-1 students in the opinion of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS authorization is not necessary for on-campus employment.

To be eligible for on-campus employment, an international student must:

  1. Possess an I-20 issued by the University of Indianapolis.
  2. Maintain lawful immigration status by being enrolled full-time in an academic program. (12 hours for undergraduates; graduate programs have different requirements)
  3. Work a MAXIMUM of 20 hours per week while classes are in session. Students may work full-time (40 hours per week) during semester and summer breaks.

Get a campus job

  1. Search for an available position. On-campus job listings are maintained by the Office of Career Services.
  2. Apply and interview for the position. If offered the position, your new supervisor will give you three forms:
    • I-9; required by Federal law, and confirms that you are in the United States on a legal basis and authorized to accept employment.
    • Federal and state withholding forms; instructs the Accounting Office how much money to deduct from your paycheck for tax purposes.
    • green Work Authorization card; instructs the Accounting Office to deduct your salary from the appropriate University budget, and confirms you are eligible to work on-campus. You must resubmit this card to the Accounting Office every academic year.
  3. Complete the appropriate sections on all three forms. If you have questions, contact the International Services. In order to complete the I-9, please bring your passport and I-94 card.
  4. Before the International Services can sign the Work Authorization card, your hours of enrollment must be checked for compliance with the USCIS full course of study requirement. The person who hires you must sign the green card first, before coming to the International Services.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you not have maintained full-time enrollment, the Work Authorization card will not be signed and you will not be eligible for work on-campus. In addition, you will have violated your status, and you will be advised to seek reinstatement.
  5. Once you have obtained a job on campus, you will need to have an "Employment Verification" letter filled out by your new employer. You can get this form in the International Services. Once you have this form filled out, the International Services will provide you with a letter to take to the Social Security office so that you can get a Social Security number from the U.S. Social Security Administration. Directions and map to the Social Security office are available in the International Services. You will not be given your first payroll check until your Social Security number is given to the Accounting Office.