Meal and Housing Options

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Resident students must choose a meal option while living on campus. There are two options: the 15-meal plan or the 20-meal plan. On Sundays, only brunch and dinner are served. Commuters can purchase a 5-meal plan or pay by meal in the cafeteria. All meals are served cafeteria style with unlimited refills. Food should not be carried out of the dining hall.

Sack lunches are also available for students who are on the run or who will be off campus during the day. Polk Food Services (PFS) is readily available to assist students with demanding schedules or special dietary needs. These concerns should be addressed to PFS directly.

The student ID card is not wht One Card and serves as your student ID, as well as an all access pass to the University of Indianapolis. Now it can be used for admittance to campus facilities, activities and events; as well as a debit card at various locations on campus.

The One Card is also used to gain admittance into the Dining Hall. Students with meal plans will simply have to swipe their card at the entrance to the dining hall. Students without meal plans can either pay cash to enter the dining hall or they can use Crimson Cash. For students with meal plans there is also a tender called Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars can be used at all cafe locations: Streets Corner, Dining Hall and the Coffee Shop.


A choice of housing is a big decision and shouldn't be taken lightly. Once you've selected a college and been admitted, the next step is to decide if you want to live on or off campus.


Living on campus in the residence halls (dorms) or campus apartments.