Health & Dental Insurance

LewerMark Plus

All University of Indianapolis students who enter the United States with an F-1 visa are required to enroll in the LewerMark Plus insurance program.   This requirement is waived only under very specific circumstances (see Health Insurance Waivers, below).

While the LewerMark Plus program covers you, you may seek medical attention from any medical provider. Care from a provider who is listed as a preferred provider with Great-West Healthcare is covered at 100% after a $15 co-payment for examinations and 50% for prescriptions. Care from a provider who is not listed as a preferred Great-West Healthcare provider is covered at 80% for examinations, and 50% for prescriptions. Whenever you see a medical provider away from campus, you will be required to pay the co-payment, and your medical provider will send the rest of your bill directly to the insurance company.   Students are encouraged to seek medical attention from a provider before using emergency room services from a hospital, if circumstances permit.   Emergency room care, when not followed by hospitalization, will cost a student with this health insurance $50 co-pay. To learn which medical facility to attend, you may check the website ( or phone 1-800-821-7710.

Prescription medications are covered at 50% of the cost when prescribed by an approved medical provider.   Students are usually required to pay for prescription medications directly, and then seek reimbursement from the Lewer Insurance Agency, using a claim form, which can be found at the International Services. Any charge for services or prescription medications delivered at the student health center can be reimbursed at 100% if a receipt accompanies the claim form.

Pre-existing Conditions

The LewerMark Plus insurance, like almost all other insurance companies in the US, will not cover an injury or illness, which began before your insurance policy, went into effect.    Furthermore, if you permit a gap in coverage (let's say you go home for the summer and you do not take insurance during that time), your second coverage is a new policy and anything that began before the new policy is considered "pre existing" to that policy.   If you have questions about this, please contact the Lewer Agency, or visit the International Services.

Health Insurance Waivers

All students who enter the United States with an F1 visa issued from an I-20 of the University of Indianapolis are automatically enrolled and billed.    Students who demonstrate satisfactory alternative coverage within 15 days of the beginning of a new semester (within one week in the summer sessions), may have the Lewer coverage cancelled and will have no financial charge.   Students, who fail to show sufficient alternate coverage within the 15 days, will be billed through LewerMark Plus until the alternate coverage has been supplied to the International Advisor.   Alternate coverage will only be approved if the following requirements are met:

The student must present a certification in English written by the insurance company assuring that the student will be covered for the duration of the intended length of study (dates must be indicated!).

The student must demonstrate that the alternate policy provides coverage of at least US $100,000 for major medical expenses.   (LewerMark Plus offers coverage of $250,000).

Coverage must be provided and evidenced in the above certificate for medical evacuation and repatriation.   This covers expenses incurred by returning you to your home country in the case of severe illness, injury or death.

Dental Insurance

The University of Indianapolis does not require nor provide a dental insurance policy to its students.   However, the International Services can provide you with information on a dental policy offered by Gerber Life Insurance Company.   Further information can also be obtained from the insurance provider:

Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc.
143 South Wheeling Road, PO Box T
Wheeling IL   60090
Phone:  1-800-452-5772