UIndy around the world

The University of Indianapolis fosters international relationships and programs that promote intercultural understanding, awareness and appreciation.   Through collaboration and exchange of curriculum, research, faculty and students, the University of Indianapolis extends selected coursework and degree programs into the global community.

Accredited Partnership Site

In partnership with this institution of high quality, University of Indianapolis extends course offerings and selected degree programs.

Sister Institutions in Asia

Sister schools are special partnerships where programs allow for the exchange of faculty members and students.  Also special projects including conferences, workshops, and study travel experiences can occur between the sister institutions.

For more information about the opportunities at sister institutions, please contact Dr. Phylis Lan Lin, Associate Vice President for International Partnerships.

Study Abroad Sites

University of Indianapolis offers opportunities in 33 countries via 59 different programs; in various languages (including English) and diverse fields of study. You do not need a foreign language background to study abroad. Most programs require little or no language experience. For more information about studying abroad through UIndy visit here.