Concurrent Enrollment for International Students

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Please read these instructions carefully before completing enrollment form.

Do not enroll at the other school until you have received permission from us to do so.

Concurrent enrollment means that a student is enrolled at two USCIS approved institutions at the same time. University of Indianapolis students who wish to enroll at another school for a portion of their full-time enrollment must receive the written permission of the International Services before enrolling in courses at the other school. Permission for concurrent enrollment is not required during the summer.

An F-1 student may co-enroll in two schools at the same time, if:

  1. Attendance at the other school is with the prior written permission of the school where the student is enrolled in a degree program full-time (the school that issued the student’s I-20).
  2. The combined number of hours enrolled add up to a full course of study (12 hours for undergraduates) and 51% of the total hours are taken at the University of Indianapolis.
  3. The coursework at the other school will be accepted for fulfilling degree requirements at the University of Indianapolis, except if you are attending an English language institute where none of the credit is eligible for transfer.

Furthermore, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The student is not on academic probation.
  2. The student is not “out of status” with the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services.
  3. The proposed courses are part of the student’s current degree program (except English training).
  4. A new request for concurrent enrollment is required for every semester a student co-enrolls.
  5. Requests for concurrent enrollment are to be submitted and approved before the University’s add/drop deadline (typically the Friday of the first week of classes).

Enrolling in courses at another institution

  1. Complete the form and meet with your key academic advisor or major advisor about the courses you want to take at the other school. Make sure these courses will transfer back to the University of Indianapolis. In addition, your advisor must sign the form.
  2. Submit the completed form to the International Services. You will receive a copy of the form when a decision has been made regarding your request for concurrent enrollment. Should the other school require a certification of status from the University, inform the International Services.
  3. Apply for admission at the other institution and enroll in the courses that your academic advisor had approved. Present proof of enrollment provided by the Registrar’s Office at the other school (an invoice or receipt is not acceptable) to the International Services before the add/drop deadline at the University of Indianapolis.
  4. Within one (1) month of finishing courses at the other institution, request two official transcripts to be sent to the following offices at the University of Indianapolis:
    • Academic Advisor – to process the transfer credit and assign equivalency
    • International Services – to verify compliance with immigration requirements
Request for Concurrent Enrollment

Should you enroll at another institution without the permission of the International Services or fail to provide proof of enrollment and final transcripts, you have violated your immigration status.