Curricular Practical Training (CPT) - Internships

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Eligibility Requirements

Internships, often known as curricular practical training or CPT according to USCIS terminology, are available for international students who have maintained their F-1 immigration status for at least one full academic year before applying for this benefit.

The student must have prior approval from USCIS before any actual work may begin. Employment during CPT must be directly related to your major area of study.

Students with CPT authorization during the academic year can only work part-time and must maintain a full course of study. NOTE: Should a student apply for full-time CPT, the student must also enroll in a Special Topics or Independent Study course. This course will evaluate the work done during the full-time CPT for a grade.

Enrollment in such a course must be verified before CPT permission will be given. Twelve (12) months of full-time CPT will eliminate your eligibility for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

How to Apply

STEP ONE: Meeting with the Internship Coordinator, Office of Career Services (206 Schwitzer Center)

  1. Schedule a meeting with the Internship Coordinator. The meeting will focus on your interests, current internship possibilities, resume-writing skills, and other information necessary for you to obtain an off-campus internship.
    Internship Coordinator: Lela Mixon, 788-2057
  2. You will have a follow-up meeting to sign the Memorandum of Understanding. This is an official document between yourself, your internship supervisor, and the University that outlines the responsibilities of the internship, as well as the hours you will be working and any compensation you may receive.
  3. You will receive two copies of the Memorandum of Understanding. One copy is for your records, but the other copy is for your next appointment with the International Studies Advisor.

STEP TWO: Appointment with International Studies Advisor

  1. Please make certain to bring the following documents with you:
  2. During this meeting, the International Studies Advisor will review the Memorandum you have brought with you to the appointment. If everything is in order, the International Studies Advisor will enter required information about your Curricular Practical Training into SEVIS.
  3. Should USCIS approve the CPT, SEVIS will prompt the International Services to print another SEVIS I-20 showing CPT endorsement.

Working beyond the expiration date of you CPT will result in violation of your immigration status.